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SQlab has specialized in the three contact points of the bike (Hands – Pelvis – Feet).  Our saddle fitting process, which determines the perfect saddle width, has made us the most successful saddle manufacturer in tests of bicycle magazines.


2412 East Main Street, Olney, IL 62450
Phone: (+1) 618-395-2400
Email: sqlab@sks-usa.com
Website: www.sqlab-usa.com
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm CST

What our clients have to say

“This is without a doubt the best saddle I’ve ever used.”

Richard B., 6OX

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Why didn’t I buy this before

“Worth every penny. I have this seat and paired with the 30X 16 degree sweep Carbon bar, I have finally found the most comfortable riding position on my bike. Wish I would have gotten it earlier”

A home for my bones

“The big difference I have noticed going between bikes/saddles is the 611 has a definite home for your sit bones. It seems to keep you in the exact right spot for maximum comfort.”

Extremely Comfortable

“The best fitting most comfortable cycling shorts I’ve used. The chamois is thinner and firmer than most and very comfortable on and off the bike. You can barely tell you’re wearing them. ”

Jordan S.

SQ-Short ONE10

Saddle Fitting & Selection

SQlab was the first components manufacturer to develop the saddle width system for measuring the sit bones and calculating the optimum saddle width. Measure your sit bones at home and find your perfect saddle size.

Saddle Fit Kit
SQlab Fit Kit

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